Tuesday, 12 February 2013

There are these birds I wanted to see and take pictures of as long as I can remember. Among them one of the most impressive birds of the Northern hemisphere the Capercaillie. When my friend Mike told me that he knows an area where a caper could be found I was over the moon.  We decided to drive there the next day, seven hours driving is not something I really adore. But what we found in the forest would have been worth a much longer drive- my first caper. Not shy at all and in perfect condition not a single ruffled feather. Sometimes dreams come true, and even the dull light didn't stop us from taking pictures. A little fill flash helped to bring the colors back, although the highly reflective plumage of the species is not an easy target for flash-photography and mostly the flash was set to -2.3 and even then sometimes was to bright. Despite this challenges this was a weekend we all will not forget.

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