Friday, 30 August 2013

Manual focus and a used very beaten up Nikon F2 loaded with Kodachrome 25 for good light and Kodachrome 64 for bad light. Those were the days I chased Kingfishers at the Danube in Southern Germany.  Well manual focus is history as is Kodachrome and sadly most of the Kingsfishers in the small village I grew up. I still have loads of slides I look at from time to time.  sadly Kodachrome slides are horrible to scan and I never was satisfied with the results I could achieve. As I heard about Mark's  Kingsfisher-hide in west Yorkshire I called my mate Mike and we decided to give it a go. well to make a long story short we had a fantastic day ---thanks a lot Mark.  Even the nightmares I had the night after about the developing costs for all the film I shot... they disappeared after I woke up and realized ...hey caveman you are on digital nowadays.  What a relief;  now it's only about when we have time to return and get some action shots :-). 

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