Sunday, 9 February 2014

For a photographer living on the Wirral winter and high tide normally is a fantastic  time, in fact we look forward to this time of the year as soon as summer is on its way out.  My friend came over from Germany to see and photograph this  spectacle, but as often things don't work out the way as planned. First I got hit by an inflammation of my hands. For more than two months I couldn't pick up the camera even writing on the computer  - using my thumb of the left hand was no pleasure.  I was lucky that the treatment finally seemed to work when my hands got better and were quite usable when my friend arrived - things looked different when we looked at the weather forecast a trip to Scotland for Ptarmigans and mountain-hares was impossible so we concentrated on the local wader.  2012 and 2013 were absolutely brilliant for photography but 2014 turned out to be different the light was poor and rarely did we get any sunshine, and good light and birds was a big NO for most of the days . Well still a couple of images turned out to be okay and at least for us locals there is another chance in March :-)